To label any drink, whether that be wine bottles, cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles, manufacturers often need high throughput rates, therefore, require an extreme level of performance. Not only does it require high performance, but in an industry where product quality and finish directly affect how well it performs on the shelves, precision, quality and consistency are also needed.

There are many solutions to label such products, and these can involve sleeving the entire bottle using one of our sleeving machines; this allows you to fully cover and maximise design space on the products or alternatively, you can apply an adhesive label to the side of the bottle, and the neck of the bottle, all of these can be achieved with a Sovereign machine.

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Labelling styles
Labelling styles

Taper Neck Labeller

A tapered neck labelling machine is a machine built so a single label can be applied and wrapped around the tapered neck of a bottle or container. Just some of the benefits of a tapered neck labelling machine include highly accurate label placement with very high-speed performance, a powerful A/C servo-driven label head and that it’s built on a substantial stainless-steel frame with overhead control panel mountings.

Round Bottle Labeller

The round bottle labelling machine applies a single long label which is wrapped around the entire circumference of the predominantly circular product. The result is 360° product decoration. With modular add-ons and attachments available, this machine is fully customisable to your requirements, for instance, adding a spacing wheel or tamper-evident applicators, so the production is seamless.

Full Body Sleever

The full-body sleeving machine eliminates the need for an adhesive label, and instead, the label is stretched over the surface area of the bottle resulting in full coverage and maximising design space.

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What Needs to be Included in a Beverage Label?

  • Name of the beverage
  • Name and address of who produced it
  • Country of origin or place of provenance (if applicable)
  • Date of durability
  • Special storage conditions (if applicable)
  • Instructions for use (if applicable)
  • Alcohol strength (if over 1.2%)
  • Net quantity
  • Warning if the beverage contains certain ingredients.

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