Cosmetic Labelling

When it comes to labelling cosmetics, whether that be lipsticks, cream pots, shampoo bottles or smaller bottles, one of the most important aspects at the point of sale is the finish, appearance and quality of the product. Having a product that is not only luxurious but is finished to a high standard will reflect how well your product performs.

Not only do you need an attractive-looking product, but because of the way it’s used by the end users, strict adherence to regulations is also a must resulting in the need for a large amount of information aswell as branding. No matter what products range you have, Sovereign Labelling can provide automatic or semi-automatic machines designed to your exact needs that will deliver a perfect, precise finish every time.

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Cosmetic Tube Labelling Machine
Cosmetic Tube Labelling Machine

Unsure of what labelling style to choose from. Don't worry; you can select your preference from our range of labelling styles here, and you can also speak to one of our highly trained engineers who can advise on label placement, size and materials.

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What must be included on a Cosmetic label?

  • Name and address of the person responsible
  • List of ingredients
  • Quantity in weight or volume
  • Product Durability, e.g. best-before dates
  • Warning statements & directions for use
  • Batch number
  • County of origin (only for imported products)

Click here for more guidance on labelling cosmetics and making products available to consumers in Great Britain.

Sleeving machines

Cosmetic Labelling Machine

Our Sovereign Cosmetics labelling machine combines high-speed performance with highly accurate label placements. Not only can it apply multiple labels to a product it can also be combined with one of our sleeving machines to add additional decoration or product security. You can find out more about the cosmetics labelling machine and all its benefits here.

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