Cosmetics Labeller

This range of cosmetic labelling machines applies multiple labels to small cosmetic products such as lipstick, mascara and foundation. Our sleeving machine can also be added to these systems as primary decoration or product security.

Advantages of a Cosmetic Labelling Machine

  • Combines highly accurate label placement with very high-speed performance.
  • Powerful A/C servo-driven label head.
  • Built on a substantial stainless-steel frame with overhead control panel mountings.
  • Modular options include spacing wheels, product infeed scrolls, infeed and outfeed rotary tables.
  • Wide range of overprinting options.
  • Four plane label head adjustments with scaling.
  • Programmable operator touch screen interface
  • Stored product set up recipes.

Why Choose Us?

Sovereign Labelling machines are recognised for their high-quality design, reliability and ease of use, creating a lifetime of trust and reliability. Our stainless-steel systems are suitable for almost any production environment with hundreds of installations all over the world.

For more information and to see our Cosmetic Labelling Machine in action, watch our video below and download our PDF.

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