Milk Bottle Labeller

Manufactured to suit a busy dairy environment


Milk Labelling Machine Features:

  • All stainless steel construction.
  • 300 bottle per minute
  • No bug traps (open design to suit wash down).
  • Designed specifically for the dairy industry.
  • 0-90 metres per minute web speed (tested to 240 metres per minute web speed, 600 PPM delivery speed).
  • Consistent and constant product pitching device.
  • Designed and manufactured for minimal service requirements.
  • Software compatible with coders and scanners, and configurable to suit customers’ specific requirements.
  • Single or twin heads with auto change over.
  • Extremely simple to operate.

Advantages of a Monarch Milk Bottle Labelling Machine

The Sovereign ‘Monarch’, as the ‘features’ highlight, is designed and manufactured to best suit the rigours of a busy dairy environment. The machine is not just a hybrid of a similar Sovereign system but represents a top to bottom re-evaluation of the dairy needs.

The machine frame is of the most suitable space frame design and construction to prevent the possibility of ‘bug traps’. The applicator multi-plane adjustment features complete wash down access, and in keeping with the overall concept of the machine is of all stainless steel construction, as is the top hold stabilising belt and its associated adjustment.

At the heart of the system is the Sovereign servo* drive assembly, a proven drive used throughout the Sovereign range. The motor-driven full spool unwind ensures that the applicator feed never ‘snatches’ the web whilst the waste rewind system also benefits from the innovative design. Again, balanced constant tension ensures the continuation of the ‘smooth’ feed system, an outstanding feature of the machine.

Why Choose Us?

As with all our labelling machines, the Sovereign philosophy is that of complete control, we, therefore, advocate the use of our specially designed product spacing device, which feeds the machine in a far superior manner to that of the conventional haphazard ‘dead plate’ method.

The applicator components are run so well in balance with one another that the system is capable of dispensing labels, at speeds way in excess of those required in the industry.

For more information and to see our milk bottle labelling machine in action, watch our video below and download our PDF.


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