Pharmaceutical Outsert Labeller

Automatic Medicine label Applicator

Outserts are folded paper leaflets usually associated with pharmaceutical drug information. They attach directly to a container using an adhesive, applied during the delivery cycle. The resultant container/leaflet assembly alleviates the need for any further packaging and is therefore environmentally beneficial.

The requirement for large amounts of pharmaceutical information has resulted in the size of outserts steadily increasing and this trend will continue. Sovereign Labelling has addressed and resolved all the shortcomings currently associated with the processing of the folded paper outserts size, adhesive application and accurate placement onto products.

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Outsert Labelling Machine
Outsert Labelling Machine

Outsert Labelling Machine Features

  • Positive scroll infeed.
  • Adhesive tape or hot glue outsert fixing method.
  • 10 station outsert magazine turret for continual running.
  • Positive outsert control through entire application cycle.
  • Label and Outsert inspection and verification.
  • Reject ejection with verification.
  • Range of label coders available.
  • Validation documentation (optional).
  • Custom design and manufacture facility available to ensure exact requirements can be met.
  • All stainless-steel construction.
  • Powerful high-speed AC servo-driven labelling heads.
  • High-speed throughput up to 250 applications per minute.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Patent number GB2449621.

Advantages of a Pharmaceutical Outsert Labelling Machine

The Sovereign labelling machine features a retractable cassette that guides the adhesive tape past each retained outsert. Immediately the adhesive tape is applied to the outsert the backing web is drawn away and collected for disposal. The outserts (now adhesive loaded) continue to be mechanically retained until their release at the point of application to a passing product.

As is typical with Sovereign Pharmaceutical equipment, all machine parameters are monitorable with the ability to manipulate the results in accordance with our customer’s requirement, to ensure total integration into production line control.

Why Choose Us?

We use state of the art readily available control gear to control all our systems, including Programmable Logic Controllers, Inverters, AC Brushless Servo Drives, AC Motors and Touch Screen Interfaces. We design and programme all our own software and use no ‘black box’ technology. All our Systems are user maintainable by competent personnel. We have the skills, experience and ability to produce unique machines to your exact requirements and Validation documentation can be supplied for our pharmaceutical equipment.

For more information on read out the latest article on ‘Everything You Need to Know About Pharmaceutical Labelling Machines’ and to see our outsert labelling machine in action, watch our video below and download our PDF.

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