Paint Can Labeller

Sovereign paint can labelling machine uses integrated Toshiba Robots. Each Robot is used to pick the cans, present them to the sensors, move them to the labelling head and then place them back on the conveyor. With the addition of the servo-driven geared tooling unit, the cans are rotated in registration with the can’s artwork or feature (handle) to apply the labels in the correct placement.

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Paint Can Labelling Machine
Paint Can Labelling Machine

Paint Can Labelling Machine Benefits

The tooling head utilises a quick-change holder, so the tooling can be changed to suit the selected products. All-round cans use the gripper tool which expands to grip cans by the rim. The gripper tool is self-adjusting for sizes 250ml-6ltr. For buckets, the tooling uses vacuum cups to pick the product from the inside base. As these tools are designed to correctly fit the base of the buckets, a tool is supplied for each bucket size. These tools vary in design depending on the bucket shape and if handle lifting is required, as part of the label application cycle.

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Sovereign Labelling excel in this particularly demanding arena. We supply many ‘Blue chip’ organizations with our machinery, but our expertise is not limited to just machinery supply. We regularly advise on product packaging design to enhance and improve the overall finish. Our advice is sought on label shape and adhesive coverage to achieve the best application, finish, security, and ease of opening. We often act as representatives of our customers to best guide packaging and tool design.

For more information and to see our Paint Can labelling machine in action, watch our videos below.

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