Tamper Labeller

Anti-theft and tamper-proof labelling solution

This tamper-proof labelling machine model serves to apply a narrow label attached to the lid and body of a product. Clearly, to open the product the label must be broken and so tamper-evidence is achieved.

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Tamper-Proof Labelling Machine
Tamper-Proof Labelling Machine
Tamper-proof labelling

High-speed Labelling Machine

The outstanding feature of the system is the utter speed and simplicity with which we apply and position the tamper-evident label.

As an active and progressive Design/manufacturing company we have accrued several machine models that achieve Tamper-evidence for the benefit of customer and end-user. Many prepared foods packages rely on the decorative/informative label to also hold the container shut and provide tamper evidence. Shrink sleeves and shrink band seals also provide tamper evidence. All these machines are available and can be viewed on this site.

Tamper-proof Labelling Machine Features

  • Powerful AC servo-driven labelling heads.
  • Web width up to 200mm.
  • Suitable for watchstrap and lollipop style labels.
  • Throughput speeds up to 300 units per minute achievable.
  • Designed for pharmaceutical and food environments.
  • Unique high-speed wipe down devices.
  • Full wrap labels in register with tamper-evident labels.
  • Single or twin wipe down.
  • Verification systems if required.
  • Range of coders can be fitted.
  • Proven low maintenance design.

Find out more about tamper-proof labelling here.

For more information and to see our Tamper Labelling Machine in action, watch our video below and download our PDF.

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