Flat Carton Labeller Top & Base

This system typically applies promotional labels to ready meals, meat packs, fruit and vegetable trays and even direct application to fruit and veg. Where this machine differs to all others is the fact that it can apply labels to undulating, sloped, curved, spherical surfaces. And to top it all… the labels can be applied to the top of the pack at any angle/orientation regardless of their orientation on the backing web.

  • Supersedes conventional ‘air blow’ applicators
  • Sovereign standard heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Powerful AC servo driven labelling heads.
  • Unique ‘soft touch’ label application (patent GB 2355973).
  • Suitable for differing height product.
  • Range of labelling heads widths available.
  • The entire machine rotates about a vertical axis allowing for labels to be applied to products at any angle regardless of their orientation on the backing web.
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