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Labelling Machines for Food & Drink

Posted on 24 June 2021 by Thomas Glendinning

Food labelling is key to selling products. From brand identity and product information to conveying freshness and quality, labels and packaging dictate how a product is perceived. Trusting a labelling company, on applying the right label in the right way, is the essential component that allows your carefully designed label to shine. The most popular label for food is the C-Wrap labeller, as it both provides a seal for food packaging and covers the circumference of drinks packaging to give an attractive finish. 

What are the benefits of food labelling?

There are many reasons why food labelling is necessary and in most cases, a requirement. Regulations require certain information, allergens and ingredients to be displayed, which must always be clear and visible. Besides these requirements, though, there are other benefits and uses of labels. 

Firstly, they boost marketability. Dynamic labels applied well can increase the shelf appeal of a product massively, helping your product stand out to customers. Conveying brand identity and product quality begins here. 

Especially with food labelling, a package shows a sell by and use by date, but its appearance can influence how fresh a product appears. Clean lines, well-applied labels and undamaged containers suggest care in preparation and proper transportation. 

For the user, resealing the product with a C-wrap label can help to make food last longer. This functional aspect of the label is user-conscious and relies on a label that is high quality, using versatile adhesive. 

Another use of packaging is product tracking and scanning. Barcodes are only effective when applied cleanly, and can help with stock taking, product updates and recall, if necessary.

Find out more from the foods standards agency about what is required on a food label.

Why is a good finish important for food labelling?

Not only, as the sections above explore, is a good finish important for customers, but blue-chip organisations reject many products because of badly applied or creased labels. To ensure your product is viable, and appealing, choose Sovereign’s quality labelling machines. Our services also extend beyond labelling machine production, with over 25 years in the industry, we regularly advise on product packaging design to enhance and improve the overall finish.

The perfect machine for food labelling

Sovereign’s ‘C’ wrap labeller is optimised for the needs of the production of consumables and is more commonly used throughout the food production industry ranging from ready meals, salads, and confectionery. Our open frame, stainless steel construction and design makes for easy cleaning, and incorporation in a wider assembly line. Using AC servo-driven labelling heads, we can ensure a smooth, professional application that follows the shape of your container. With a web width of up to 350mm, there is a wide range of products which can be accommodated by our machines. Performing speeds of up to 200 units per minute, Sovereign’s machines can deliver the quality needed without compromising efficiency. 

Watch the ‘C’ wrap labeller in action below. 

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Food Labelling Machine

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Written by Thomas Glendinning

Managing Director of a business that is passionate about building top quality machinery for a range of industries- machines that are designed to meet the requirements of each particular business we serve & machines that exceed the expectations of those who purchase & operate them.

As an experienced Project & Mechanical Design Engineer, skilled in AutoCAD Mechanical, Solidworks, Engineering principles, Strategic Planning, and Project Management, with a Mechanical Engineering based qualification from University of South Wales, it is my privilege to lead SOVEREIGN, to align the strategic goals within the group of companies & continue to uphold & maintain a well-respected brand of machines across the UK, Ireland & across the globe.

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