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Automatic Labelling Machines: Everything You Need To Know in 2022

Posted on 22 December 2020 by Thomas Glendinning

Automating Your Labelling Production Line

Industrial Labelling machines can be used to apply a range of self-adhesive labels to just about any product face. From automated high-speed labelling to high-quality supermarket standard finishes – there are a number of benefits to having the correct labelling machine in your supply chain. 

When applying labels to food product packaging, the labels produced by these machines must meet government labelling requirements while displaying your product information and company branding.

With different labelling orientations and configurations available, we want to help you find the best labelling machine to suit the needs of your business. Before choosing your labelling machine, you should always consider which type of label will best suit your requirements as well as the specific features of that label machine.  


What Labelling style should I be using? 

At Sovereign, we offer a range of unique industrial labelling machines which produce different label styles for a variety of industries and product requirements. You should always choose your labelling style based on your product design. We have listed 10 examples of labelling styles below:

  •     Round Bottle Labeller: a single long label wrapped entirely around the circumference of a circular product
  •     Watch Strap Labeller: top, ‘c’ wrap, ‘d’ wrap or full label configurations up to 350mm wide used to seal packaging  
  •     Tamper Labeller: a narrow label produced to attach to the lid and body of a product
  •     Corner Labeller: a specialised system for over-labelling pre-printed flat park cartons
  •     Top & Base Labeller: for an accurate label placement on both the top and base of products
  •     Outsert Labeller: to attach informational labels directly to a container using an adhesive applied during the delivery cycle
  •     Flat Carton Labeller Top & Base: to apply labels to undulating, sloped, curved and spherical surfaces (labels can be applied to the top of the pack at any angle/orientation)
  •     Front & Back With Wrap Labeller: applies a label to the front and back of a given product
  •     Taper Neck Labeller: a single label is applied and wrapped around the tapered neck of a bottle of container
  •     Cosmetic Tube Labeller: applies multiple labels to small cosmetic products

See our full list of different product labelling styles.  


Automatic Labelling machine features to consider before purchasing

Once you’ve decided on the labelling style which will best suit your needs, you can then look into more specific machine features. Our Monarch in-line labelling systems, for example, champions the labelling industry when it comes to a seamless label application. They typically perform at speeds up to 400 label applications per minute, 20 hours per day 6.5 days per week making them the preferred choice over rotary systems in many situations. 

To understand how your label machine will perform after your purchase, we recommend analysing the following features:

The applicator head

You should consider the speed of your application head as a key feature of your labelling machine. Applicator heads which perform at variable speeds means you can speed up or slow down production depending on demand. 

Label stopping accuracy

With branded products, you want to avoid poor labelling accuracy which will affect the final look of your product. Make sure your labels are as accurate as possible by choosing a label machine with a stopping accuracy to +/-0.5mm.

Software and machine compatible

You should always make sure your label machine will be compatible with your existing coders, printers and scanners. If you’re unsure you can get in touch with us and we can help advise you.


Where to purchase high-speed, automatic labelling machines

Since 1993, Sovereign Labelling machines have been recognised for their high-quality design, reliability and ease of use, creating a lifetime of trust and reliability. Our stainless-steel systems are suitable for almost any production environment with hundreds of installations all over the world.

At Sovereign Labelling, we boast some of the best of both new and pre-owned machines. View our full range of labelling machines. Interested in Sovereign Labelling adding its trusted and proven engineering expertise to your machine labelling requirements? Get in touch with us today.

Automatic Labelling Machines

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Written by Thomas Glendinning

Managing Director of a business that is passionate about building top quality machinery for a range of industries- machines that are designed to meet the requirements of each particular business we serve & machines that exceed the expectations of those who purchase & operate them.

As an experienced Project & Mechanical Design Engineer, skilled in AutoCAD Mechanical, Solidworks, Engineering principles, Strategic Planning, and Project Management, with a Mechanical Engineering based qualification from University of South Wales, it is my privilege to lead SOVEREIGN, to align the strategic goals within the group of companies & continue to uphold & maintain a well-respected brand of machines across the UK, Ireland & across the globe.

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