Pharmaceutical Labelling Machines – Everything You Need To Know

Pharmaceutical labelling machines are incredibly important as requirements for pharmaceutical labels become more extensive and stringent each year. Making sure your product meets all of the government guidelines guarantees it will be safe for consumers and will stay on the market. Let’s see what you need to include and how Sovereign can help.


What pharmaceutical products should be labelled?

Labels are required for any product containing a drug, such as over-the-counter medication and prescriptions. Even products like hand sanitizer and certain toothpastes require pharmaceutical labels.


What considerations should be taken into account when labelling these products?

The most important thing to consider is that your outsert label must be able to be read easily, but also last the entire life-span of your product. This means you need a machine that applies your label with strong adhesive and consistent application.

You should also consider the importance of tamper-proofing your products. Our heat shrink sleeving machine can guarantee consumer safety and completely tamper-free products.


What information do you need to display?

The UK government has outlined the information needed on your label to make it to shelves and into consumer hands. You must include:

  • The name of the medicine (in braille as well)
  • Expression of strength (where relevant)
  • Route of administration
  • Posology (only for over-the-counter medication)
  • Warnings


What machine is best for labelling them?

Sovereign’s pharmaceutical outsert labelling machines are the perfect machines to guarantee all your products are labelled correctly. They provide an outsert leaflet that is applied directly to the container using a strong adhesive alleviating the need for further packaging. Our labelling machines apply up to 250 labels per minute using high-speed AC servo-driven labelling heads increasing productivity and consistency.

With the increase of information required on pharmaceutical labels, Sovereign has evolved with the industry to accommodate any changes. Our bespoke labelling machines can be modified to fit your production lines. Get in contact today to discuss how Sovereign can help with your pharmaceutical products.

Vials being labelled

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