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14 Product Labelling Styles — Your Quick Guide

Posted on 29 October 2020 by Thomas Glendinning

Our labelling machines can apply the top labelling styles for food, product, chemical and nutritional products. With a quick introduction to 14 different labelling styles and their uses, our article will help you find the ideal labelling solution for you.

Round Bottle Labelling

Machine: Round Bottle Labeller

Round bottle labelling wraps around the entire circumference of the container. This allows for 360-degree coverage, and therefore the entire space of your product becomes marketable space. 


Ideal for cylindrical containers, their coverage means that you’ll have a large space for the information you need to convey. Popular with jar-preserved food and bottles, they allow space for legally-required nutritional information and strong brand presentation.

Watch Strap Label

Machine: Watch Strap Labeller

A label that stretches across the top of a product and partway down the sides, it provides a tamper label function and a clear view of the contents. 


Perfect for ready meals, salads and other prepared food products, the labelling of this sort of merchandise is essential for its sale, as a crumpled label can lead to distrust of the quality of the product. 

Tamper Label

Machine: Tamper-Proof Labelling Machine

This narrow label joins the lid and body of the product, so that, if opened, the label will be open. 


It is essential to apply these correctly, as they function as a safety guarantee of sanitation and another place to provide decoration or information. Tamper evidence can help to instil confidence in the validity of the product, and can be ‘lollipop’ or ‘watch strap’ shaped, depending on whether this also holds the package shut. 

Corner Label

Machine: Corner Labeller

These labels can be applied around the corners of a product which is already assembled. 


Labelling over assembled products is extremely useful for advertising promotional offers, alternative languages, barcodes, safety information and money-off vouchers. They can also be used to apply tracking labels and time stamps to shrink-wrapped units. 

Top and Base Labelling

Machine: Top and Base Labelling Machine

A pair of labels which provide decorative and informative spaces of varying shapes and sizes on multiple surfaces of a product. 


Most commonly used on food products, for both product promotion and required nutrition advice, the two labels can be adapted for any shape or size of product. 

Outsert Label

Machine: Outsert Labeller

Attached directly to a container with a purpose-developed adhesive, this label can extend to a ‘leaflet’ with information about the product too. 


Pharmaceutical products often use this type of label as producers are legally required to include a large amount of information, and therefore need a larger surface. Outsert labels are environmentally conscious, as they do not require extra packaging inserts. The versatility of the adhesive, concerning the weight of the label, is an important consideration in the process, as especially in medical spheres, this information is essential to use.

Flat Carton Top and Base Labeller

Machine: Top and Base Flat Carton Labelling Machine

This labelling style is very versatile, as it can be applied to packaging or straight onto products, and is therefore used for a wide range of products.


While this can be used for promotional purposes on ready meals, packaged meats and fruit and vegetable trays, another application is directly onto undulating and uneven surfaces, like fruits and vegetables.

Front and Back Label with Wrap

Machine: Front and Back Labeller

This label is similar to the top and bottom labels explored earlier, however, a ‘wrap’ can help make sure the label is securely fixed to the product. 


This all-purpose label makes it a popular choice across sectors. Regardless of shape or size, this provides great spaces for marketing and information.

Taper Neck Label

Machine: Taper Neck Labeller

A specialist label which caters to an unusual container shape. 

A tapered neck is found on various sorts of liquid containers, a part of the shape which is often ignored for the difficulty of the zone. It can provide very lucrative marketing opportunities though, distinguishing your product from others on the shelf.

Cosmetic Tube Labels

Machine: Cosmetic Labelling Machine

Several labels are applied to a product for complete coverage.


With cosmetic products in mind, the complete coverage that a combination of wrap, top and bottom labels maximises the space for marketing and safety information. Combined with a sleeving machine, which can provide product security, there will be ample decorative space.

‘C’ Wrap Label

Machine: C Wrap Labelling Machine

This label can act as a lid seal, tamper seal and marketable space. 


Similar to the ‘watchstrap’ style, the C wrap label is ideal for food packaging. Ready meals, salads and other prepared food products are all suited to this style. If a label is poorly applied the product could remain unsold, which is why a quality labeller is important.

Tri Roller, Full Wrap with Patch label

Machine: Tri Roller Labelling System

This full-coverage labelling technique is often used for cans. Sovereign’s labelling machines’ specialised labelling technique, which aligns to the seams of a can, means that a product-carrying package can be labelled, rather than needing to be empty. 


This option means that no manufacturer needs to hold large stocks of pre-printed cans, as the alignment capabilities, in register with the seam. Furthermore, over-labelling for multi-language distribution can be achieved in this way.

Paint Can Labelling

Machine: Pain Can Labeller

The machine used for applying here is important, as cans can be gripped from the outside (if full) or inside via vacuum cups (if empty).


These methods are specific to Sovereign’s labelling machines and technologies. Toshiba robots and sensors pick up the can and make sure it is correctly oriented for labelling. This allows for intelligent, full coverage.

Milk Bottle Labelling

Machine: Milk Bottle Labelling Machine

The purpose of this label is rather self-explanatory, however, systems need to take into account the specific needs of the dairy industry. The key concerns in milk carton labelling are accommodating the shape of the carton and sanitation factors. This means that a specific machine that can withstand cold temperatures is essential. 


Which of the 14 labelling styles do you use? If the solution is here, but you have more requirements for a new custom-built labelling machine, get in touch with Sovereign Labelling today. Technical Information on these essential labelling styles is sourced from our labelling machines page alongside information about the machines they build, and the options they have for you.

Labelling styles

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Written by Thomas Glendinning

Managing Director of a business that is passionate about building top quality machinery for a range of industries- machines that are designed to meet the requirements of each particular business we serve & machines that exceed the expectations of those who purchase & operate them.

As an experienced Project & Mechanical Design Engineer, skilled in AutoCAD Mechanical, Solidworks, Engineering principles, Strategic Planning, and Project Management, with a Mechanical Engineering based qualification from University of South Wales, it is my privilege to lead SOVEREIGN, to align the strategic goals within the group of companies & continue to uphold & maintain a well-respected brand of machines across the UK, Ireland & across the globe.

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