Tamper-Proof Labelling Machines | How Do They Work?

What is Tamper-Proof Labelling?

Businesses use Tamper-proof labelling to offer security and display brand integrity. A tamper-proof label is one that is designed to let your customer know whether their product has been tampered with usually looks like a tab connecting the lid and body of the container. This is also achieved with text that appears out of line if a product has been opened.

If we use the correct pressure-sensitive adhesive, these labels cannot peel off without leaving damage, therefore the consumer must tear the label to access the product. This ensures the security of the product. 


What are the Benefits of Tamper-Proofing Products?

The benefit of this type of label is, essentially, that it’s cheaper. Instead of a purpose-built container with several elements, this function can apply to an existing label, via tab or security perforation. The versatility of the label means that we can use it on many types of packages, materials, shapes and surfaces. 


What is Tamper-Proof Labelling Used For?

Commonly, food and medical products use tamper-proof labels or anything that requires sanitary conditions.

It is a legal requirement on medical supplies as their sterilisation is integral to function. Food products benefit from this as a product that looks cleanly and hygienically packaged is more appealing to consumers. 


How can Sovereign Help?

Our modular labelling machines can make the application of these labels accurate, and part of your normal packing process. Our tamper-proof labelling machines provide a high-quality label so that the tamper function is both successful and secure. Ensuring the correct pressure and an accurate application, we can deliver a labelling option suited to you. 

Read more about our tamper-evident labeller, and see our machine in action.

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Tamper-proof labelling

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