Three ‘C’ Wrap labellers delivered to a major UK food manufacturer.

Sovereign Labelling is happy to announce, this takes their total of Sovereign machines up to 28 as we deliver three more ‘C’ wrap labellers to a major UK food manufacturer.

An extremely popular range of machines fulfilling all the needs of a vibrant industry. The quality of the packaging is so important in the ready meals, salads, prepared products and confectionery sectors. Fact !… a perfectly good product will remain rejected on a supermarket shelf because of a creased or poorly applied label.

What are the benefits of C-Wrap labellers?

  • Custom built systems.
  • Open frame stainless steel construction.
  • Powerful AC servo driven labelling heads.
  • Web width up to 350mm.
  • High speed up to 200 units per minute.
  • Designed for pharmaceutical and food environments.
  • Unique high-speed wipe down devices.
  • Suitable for C or D type label applications.
  • Accommodates Full wrap and overlap labels
  • Suitable for watchstrap and lollipop style labels.
  • Single or twin wipe down.
  • Verification systems if required.
  • The machine can fit a range of coders.
  • Proven low maintenance design.

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We supply many ‘Blue chip’ organizations with our machinery, but we do not limit our expertise to just machinery supply. We regularly advise on product packaging design to enhance and improve the overall finish. Our advice is sought on label shape and adhesive coverage to achieve the best application, finish, security, and ease of opening. We often act as representatives of our customers to best guide packaging and tool design.

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'C' wrap labellers

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