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Our Service Plans

We encourage our customers to take out a 3-year service contract which will give them peace of mind, knowing that they have a visit scheduled from one of our engineers each year but we also offer a discount on parts required during the course of the service contract, so in the long run it is more cost-effective.

How Often Should A Machine Be Serviced?

Very much differs across the range & also depends on the amount of running the machine gets but as a rule we would recommend servicing at least once a year, however, we can make recommendations on a case by case basis, taking these factors into consideration.

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Machine Maintenance
Machine Maintenance
Labelling Machine Repairs and Servicing

What Does A Service Entail?

Our engineers will go to the site, wherever the machine is located. They are highly skilled & experienced and will have a good knowledge of the machine prior to coming to the site. Upon arrival, our engineers start by assessing all aspects of the machine, to get a feel for how much work it has done, and how it has been treated by operators. They will start by cleaning the applicator & replacing any parts that are showing obvious signs of wear. They will liaise with the engineering manager or whoever looks after the machine on a daily basis & find out if there are any aspects of the machine giving trouble, then they will investigate & fix and/or replace parts as required. Our goal is that when we leave a machine, having been on a service visit, as though it were brand new.

On-site Machine Maintenance

Sovereign is able to service all production line machines whether or not they are a Sovereign machine. However, for the duration of that day, the production will need to be stopped but the product available for testing once the service is complete.

99% of the time we can repair everything during the service visit. Our engineers carry a comprehensive stock of spares to a service visit, specific to that machine but if there is something unusual that we don’t happen to have a part for we can either return to site to fix, or ship to the customer, with a step by step guide on how to fit the part.

Machine Maintenance
Machine Spare Parts

Spare Machine Parts

Having your production line grind to a halt can be detrimental, particularly over a busy period. Having to wait for another part or component to be made or ordered will only add to the downtime of your production line. To avoid this inconvenience, Sovereign is able to put together a full spares kit depending on the machine in operation, which can be purchased and kept on site.

Obsolete Components

When critical machine components become obsolete over time, maybe because your machine was built a long time ago, you may not be able to source new parts. Sovereign supports you with parts and servicing regardless of the age of your machine. We can provide our customers with kits containing all the obsolete components you need to ensure your production keeps ongoing for as long as possible. They also come with a complete step-by-step guide on installing them, or we can send one of our expert engineers to do it for you.

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