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Galaxi is the modern range of weigh price labelling systems suitable for the food industry. The AISI304 stainless steel structure and the quick-release system of conveyor belts allow easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

The weigh price labeller is an automatic industrial system that allows to:

  • Weigh with a variable weight, print and apply labels on products
  • Check that products respect the pre-requisites in terms of weight tolerance, for use with preset weight
  • Manage both preset weight and variable-weight products according to the set weight ranges
  • Manage and print labels of cartons and pallets

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    A partner in the world of packaging

    • It perfectly integrates with all production processes thanks to the unrivalled systems

    • Simplified interconnection with all remote service management systems

    • Minimum downtime for maximum production efficiency, 100% designed and made in Italy

    • For packages from 20g to 15 kg of various sizes

    • Production rate up to 130 pcs/min

    • Compatibility with ERP management systems via Microsoft SQL Database

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    Suitable for dynamic and / or static weighing systems, the weigh price labeller is recommended for high-speed packing lines and in cases where stopping for weighing and labelling is not possible.

    The IP65 10” touchscreen, operator interface is easily programmable and the labeling unit’s electro-assisted adjustment optimises the label application process on the package with pinpoint accuracy.

    Possibility of automatic totalisation issuing labels on dedicated printers

    The user can create independently the layout of the labels

    Application of labels to the product: top, bottom, side positions, or as a seal

    Sovereign Labelling are distributors for Coop Bilanciai for UK & Ireland

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