Corner Labeller

What is the Corner Labelling Machine Used For?

The corner labelling machine is a specialised system for over-labelling pre-printed flat-pack cartons. A pivotal tool in the operation of large volume ‘special offer’ campaigns. Used to be that reduced cost offers were simply to encourage the sale of near dated fresh produce. Nowadays ‘buy one get one free offer are often huge volume pre-planned and managed campaigns.

Also used for adding additional or corrective information labels such as alternative languages, barcode, vignette (pharmaceutical), tactile safety information (triangle), or money off voucher labels.

The inclusion of a printer allows this labelling system to add information to a pre-printed label, or generate entire unique printed labels at the point of application. This facility is most often used to print barcodes, batch codes, time or date stamps and tracking information. The photograph shows a typical flat carton configuration but the print and applies principle is also used widely to add unique labels to shrink-wrapped traded units and complete loaded pallets of products. Tracking labels can also be applied at the beginning of a manufacturing cycle, say for instance the tracking of a complexly engineered component as it progresses through a fully automated machining and inspection system.

Why Choose Us?

  • Designed and built to a common Sovereign standard, proven to withstand heavy industrial environments.
  • We can supply equipment to apply labels to any face or combination of faces.
  • Custom design and manufacture facility available to ensure exact requirements can be met.
  • All printer types can be configured to operate in our systems.
  • Being the ONLY manufacturer of Stainless Steel labelling machines is a bonus in the clean manufacturing environments of food production.

For more information and to see our Corner Labelling Machine in action, watch our video below and download our PDF.

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