Pharmaceutical Labelling

The pharmaceutical industry, like many, can be a fast-paced environment but the pharmaceutical industry, in particular, requires stringent legal requirements and guidelines to be adhered to at all times and nowhere are they more stringent. Many of these can be challenging to keep up with as they are ever-changing and updating.

Sovereign Labellings pharmaceutical outsert labeller is the machine of choice for our medical clients providing accurate and high-speed finishes every time. Outserts are folded paper leaflets usually associated with pharmaceutical drug information. They attach directly to a container using an adhesive, applied during the delivery cycle. The resultant container/leaflet assembly alleviates the need for any further packaging and is, therefore, environmentally beneficial.

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Vials being labelled
Vials being labelled

Safety in Medicine

The maximum reliability of our machines is crucial in an industry where defects can have a profound effect on the end user; that’s why the features of our machines include but are not limited to;

  • label and Outsert inspection and verification
  • reject ejection with verification.
  • Range of label coders available.
  • Validation documentation (optional).
  • All stainless steel construction makes them easier to cleanse.

What information do you need to display?

The UK government has outlined the information needed on your label to make it to shelves and into consumers’ hands. You must include:

  • The name of the medicine (in braille as well)
  • Expression of strength (where relevant)
  • Route of administration
  • Posology (only for over-the-counter medication)
  • Warnings

Why Choose Us?

We use state-of-the-art, readily available control gear to control all our systems, including Programmable Logic Controllers, Inverters, AC Brushless Servo Drives, AC Motors and Touch Screen Interfaces. We design and programme all our own software and use no ‘black box’ technology. All our Systems are user maintainable by competent personnel. We have the skills, experience and ability to produce unique machines to your exact requirements, and Validation documentation can be supplied for our pharmaceutical equipment.

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